Fraser in Levengrove play park.
Dumnbarton Rock.
Hamish at Levengrove park.
The GFT.
Cyclist friendly.
This little character is appearing all over the city.
Graffiti on Sauchiehall Street.
Taken from the footbridge at Charring Cross, Glasgow.
Coffee shop working with reflections
Eejas at the Doubletree in Glasgow.
Hooded cyclist.
Gritty staircase. It smells as bad as it looks.
Light at the end of the tunnel.
Middle of the road in Glasgow's merchant city.
Young love. Street photography in Glasgow
Fraser in your face
Hamish weilding his Nerf gun
A tower from far away
A boy standing on the beach in front of the sea
A sign that says Brig o' Doon
A Timex watch on a wrist
A football on grass
Boy sitting with dark clouds behind him
Boy on the beach digging
Young boy with big eyes
Retro campervan parked
A path through some hills
Two boys smiling in bed.
Faser, 2 years old with a hood up in the garden
Dark clouds and bright sun
A cat sitting om the floor
A watch on a wrist in front of the sea
A watch on a wrist in front of the sea
Boy sitting on the pavement with wellies off
A moody beach with sand and the sea
Huge ancient stone